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Course Description: This course is designed for both State and Municipal Law Enforcement personnel and civilians who may have instructing as part of their duties.  Students will be taken out of their comfort zone and will be assigned a variety of classroom presentations ranging from 3 to 30 minutes.  Students should be aware that the course involves homework and type-written assignments.  If students have access to a laptop computer/printer or word processor/typewriter, they should consider bringing one to assist them with the completion of class assignments.

Instructional Hours:  5 Days/40 Hours

Instructional Objectives:  After completion, the student will be able to:

1.    Students will present a three-minute introduction speech.

2.    Students will discuss the Psychology of learning.

3.    Students will learn presentation methods.

4.    Students will learn instructional techniques.

5.    Students will learn about different training aids.

6.    Students will learn how to create lesson plans.

7.    Students will learn how to create objectives.

8.    Students will present a five-minute impromptu speech.

9.    Students will discuss questioning techniques.

10.  Students will discuss communication techniques.

11.  Students will present a 15-minute "Teaching a Skill" presentation.

12.  Students will take a written exam.

13.  Students will present a 30-minute "Topic" speech approved by the instructor.

Audience:  MP, PSP Enlisted, PSP Employee

Additional Information: Some classroom time is given to work on the assignments, but the allotted time is not enough for all students to complete the work during class. A minimum overall score of 75% is required to receive certification.

MPOETC CLEE Hours:  40 - CLEE ID# CLE00532

Registration: Please register for the classes below using form SP 8-130.

Locations: For a list of all training centers and directions, please visit the Training Center Page.



NETC2/26/2018 9:00 AM3/2/2018 3:00 PMSergeant Andrew F. Wilk, 570-288-3659, awilk@pa.govNo
NWTC4/2/2018 9:00 AM4/6/2018 3:00 PMActing Commander, 814-332-8666No
SETC4/9/2018 9:00 AM4/13/2018 3:00 PMMorgan A. Crummy, 717-533-9111, Extension 325, mcrummy@pa.govYes
SETC6/25/2018 9:00 AM6/29/2018 3:00 PMCorporal Morgan Crummy 717-533-9111, Extension 325, mcrummy@pa.govNo
8 Students max.
SETC8/13/2018 9:00 AM8/17/2018 12:00 AMCorporal Morgan Crummy 717-533-9111, extension 325No
8 Students max.

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