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REQUEST 2018-1


The purpose of this project is to seek a food service provider to the Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) Headquarters Building (DHQ), 1800 Elmerton Avenue, Harrisburg, Pa. 17110.  The provider must have the ability and interest to provide breakfast and lunch to building personnel on a Monday – Friday basis. Hours would be 0700 – 1500. Breakfast must be ready to be served at 0700. There are currently 550 personnel in the building between the hours of 0700 – 1500.    

The PSP contracting Officer is Mary Kieffer:

Pennsylvania State Police
1800 Elmerton Avenue
Harrisburg, PA 17110
Phone: (717) 705-5922
Fax: (717) 214-3383


It is PSP’s intention to provide existing kitchen equipment and cafeteria. The contracted food service provider will prepare meals (breakfast and lunch only) to offer for sale to employees assigned to PSP/DHQ.  


The Parties interested in the contract will have an opportunity to tour the kitchen area and cafeteria on April 3, 2018 at 2:00 pm. prior to final submittals.  This tour is mandatory for any interested parties and any questions arising from the tour will be answered and sent via e-mail correspondence to those parties that attended the tour on this date. The provider must submit a sample menu for both breakfast and lunch, with prices that the PSP employees can expect to pay. The menu sample will be due back to the PSP by Tuesday, April 18, 2018 as part of the proposal package. The provider must be willing to sign a contract with PSP with an expiration date of 6-21-2020. The number of renewals will be the original term of 2-year and a waiver with three (3) annual renewal options for a total of 5-year contract upon mutual agreement with PSP and vendor
The provider must have breakfast and lunch items to be offered for sale Monday – Friday (excluding state holidays). The provider has exclusive use of all state-owned food service equipment and storage facilities. All utilities (electric, water, gas) will be provided by the PSP. Repair and service requirements to the equipment will be provided by the PSP. Repair costs to equipment, due to negligence on the part of the provider and or their employees, will be the responsibility of the food service provider.    

The provider must ensure all safety, health, and cleaning requirements are met on a daily basis as prescribed by the Pennsylvania Department of Health. 

Meals should include healthy alternatives to the standard breakfast and lunch fare offered at most food service establishments. A cold salad bar is part of the state-owned equipment and should be utilized on a daily basis.    

The provider must order and maintain all subsistence in a clean environment and must establish their own account with the Coke or Pepsi supplier of their choosing. Ice will be provided for free via the existing state-owned ice machine in the cafeteria. The food service provider does not have to provide free cups for ice usage.

The provider is required to supply their own cleaning supplies, and paper/Styrofoam plates, napkins, and plastic ware.  

The food service provider must provide a single point of contact for emergency contact by PSP.

The Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) abides by the Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Security Policy. In accordance with this policy, any vendor staff members that will perform these services or be unescorted at a PSP facility must have a Federal fingerprint background check performed before entering the building.  The vendor staff members required to have this background check must obtain the required authorization letter from their employer before reporting to a PSP installation to give a full set of fingerprints. The PSP will use the fingerprints to perform a state record check and will then forward them to the Federal Bureau of Investigation for a national criminal history record check.  The information obtained from the criminal history check shall be used by the PSP for a fitness determination.  PSP will retain records of those individuals who have completed the fingerprint background check.

The Contractor is required to have in place during the term of the Contract and any renewals or extensions thereof, the following types of insurance, issued by companies acceptable to the Commonwealth and authorized to conduct such business under the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania:
A. Worker's Compensation Insurance for all of the Contractor's employees and those of     any subcontractor, engaged in work at the site of the project as required by law.

B.  Public Liability and Property Damage Insurance to protect the Commonwealth, the Contractor, and any and all subcontractors from claims for damages for personal injury (including bodily injury), sickness or disease, accidental death and damage to property including the loss of use resulting from any property damage, which may arise from the activities performed under the Contract or the failure to perform under the Contract, whether such performance or non-performance be by the Contract, by any subcontractor, or by anyone directly or indirectly employed by either.  The minimum amounts of coverage shall be $250,000 per person and $1,000,000 per occurrence for bodily injury, including death, and $250,000 per person and $1,000,000 per occurrence for property damage.  Such policies shall be occurrence rather than claims-made policies and shall not contain any endorsements or any other form designated to limit and restrict any action by the Commonwealth, as an additional insured, against the insurance coverage in regard to work performed for the Commonwealth.
Prior to commencement of the work under the Contract and at each insurance renewal date during the term of the Contract, the Contractor shall provide the Commonwealth with current certificates of insurance.  These certificates or policies shall name the Commonwealth as an additional insured  and shall contain a provision that the coverage’s afforded under the policies will not be cancelled or changed until at least thirty (30) days written notice has been given to the Commonwealth.


-Emergency Preparedness:  Offeror must provide a single point of contact for emergency contact by PSP. 

-Please describe any knowledge and experience you have running a food service business. Include where it was located and how long the business was in operation.

-What were some of the negative and positive things you dealt with while running the business and how did you resolve any problems you may have run into?What were some of the negative and positive things you dealt with while running the business and how did you resolve any problems you may have run into?

-Please describe how you will set prices for meals and how you will ensure customers are being charged the appropriate rate.

-How far away are you located from this facility? Will weather influence your providing service on a daily basis?

-After inspecting the equipment that PSP is providing, do you feel you can operate the equipment in a safe manner? Have you used this kind of equipment previously?

-Are the hours of 0700 – 1500 a concern?

-Will the security background checks be a problem for your employees?

-Are you willing to sign a contract thru 6-21-2020?

-Please provide letters of recommendation along with names and telephone numbers of previous clients you worked for.Please provide letters of recommendation along with names and telephone numbers of previous clients you worked for.


The vendor will provide food services and pay a 3% commission to the BEP on the gross sales at the cafeteria facility at PSP Headquarters. 

The vendor shall provide the name and contact information of any vendor providing food services to the BEP Director within 30 days of the execution of its contract with the vendor.

The vendor shall submit a report and a 3% check of gross total sales on the 10th day of each month to the BEP Coordinator showing the gross sales total for the previous month for any sales at the PSP Headquarters facility to:

   Business Enterprise Program Office at OVR
   Director Ally Wullbrandt
   1521 North 6th Street
   Harrisburg, PA 17102

The vendor shall also submit a complimentary report to the PSP contracting Officer Mary Kieffer

Vendor’s failure to submit timely monthly reports with accompanying payments to the BEP and PSP Headquarters shall be grounds for breach of contract between the vendor and PSP.


Responses regarding this solicitation will be accepted until two o’clock (2:00) P.M. on Wednesday, April 18, 2018.  All questions should be submitted in writing to Mary Kieffer at by Tuesday, April 10, 2018 to allow sufficient time to respond and for vendor consideration.

Questions will be answered in a timely manner and will be sent to all vendors that attended the mandatory tour on Tuesday, April 3, 2018.

Two copies of all proposals are to be submitted in paper format, via a sealed envelope, to the

Pennsylvania State Police,

Attention:  Mary A. Kieffer

1800 Elmerton Avenue

Harrisburg, PA  17110


Proposals are to be received and stamped, verifying receipt, at this location no later than two o’clock (2:00) P.M. on Wednesday, April 18, 2018. 

No responsibility will be attached to any employee of the PSP for the premature opening of, or the failure to open, a bid for any reason whatsoever.


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