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Due to a transition to a new website vendor, daily news releases will be temporarily unavailable beginning Oct. 10, 2022. This freeze may last through Oct. 20. Contact your local Troop PIO or CSO and follow them on Twitter to stay up to date with important news releases and public safety information. Thank you for your patience.
DID YOU KNOW you can subscribe to any PSP Station, Liquor Control Office or Gaming Office press release feed and be notified by email when new content is submitted? Enter your email address in the field below any feed and click SUBSCRIBE. NOTE: releases post after the top (:00) and bottom (:30) of the hour. Email notifications are automatically generated and may point to a release that has been submitted but is not yet posted.

Choose a county to find local press releases from PSP stations, Liquor Control offices and Bureau of Gaming locations. Click the link that appears to see the county page.

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