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Pennsylvania Criminal Intelligence Center (PaCIC)

The Pennsylvania State Police, Bureau of Criminal Investigation, established the Pennsylvania Criminal Intelligence Center (PaCIC) July of 2003 in an effort to provide law enforcement agencies throughout the Commonwealth with one central point of contact for their information needs.  Through the PaCIC, trained analysts provide state police members and federal, state, and municipal law enforcement officers with access to intelligence information, investigative data, and public source information 24 hours a day, seven days per week.  Analysts also provide investigative support by analyzing complex information and collating it into intelligence summaries, organization charts, link analysis, time event analysis, and other manageable, professional products.  The PaCIC is an attempt to provide law enforcement officers a central point of contact for information needed during traffic stops, investigative detentions, and other law enforcement encounters and investigations.
Law enforcement agencies interested in accessing the information and services available through the PaCIC may contact the Pennsylvania State Police, Bureau of Criminal Investigation at
Privacy Policy:

Recognizing the rights of the citizens of the Commonwealth, the Pennsylvania State Police have established a privacy policy for PaCIC.

The mission of the PaCIC is to support the decision-making process of Pennsylvania’s law enforcement agencies through collating, analyzing, and disseminating intelligence and investigative information pertaining to criminal activity while ensuring the rights and privacy of citizens are not violated. 

The PaCIC Privacy Policy regarding the protection of civil rights, civil liberties and privacy is available to the public at the following link  or upon written request to:

     Pennsylvania State Police
     Pennsylvania Criminal Intelligence Center
     1800 Elmerton Avenue
     Harrisburg, PA 17110