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‚ÄčCommunity Access to Information Dashboard (CAID)

image of the Data Dashboard on a screen

The dashboard displays aggregated State Police incident data. It contains no personally identifiable information. Users can refine the data with custom date ranges, locations, and categories.

The CAID currently contains crash and enforcement data. Future versions of the CAID will include:

  • Incident mapping
  • Commercial Vehicle data
  • Crime data
  • Calls for Service data

PSP is interested in your feedback. Use the Contact Us button located at the top of the dashboard to:

  • Submit suggestions for dashboard enhancements
  • Submit ideas on how we can provide better service and improve the quality of life in your neighborhood (such as sobriety checkpoints, radar details, community presentations, etc.)

Feedback is reviewed by the CAID Development Team and the Office of Community Engagement. At all times, PSP welcomes your comments on how we are meeting our Core Values of Honor, Service, Integrity, Respect, Trust, Courage, and Duty.

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