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​Bureau of Human Resources


The mission of the Bureau of Human Resources is to provide timely and effective human resource services, systems, support and information to Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) Department personnel, Troops/Bureaus/Offices, and the general public. These services are provided by a civilian staff of approximately 38 personnel located at Department Headquarters in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The Bureau consists of three divisions and medical/psychological services personnel.  

Employment Services and Systems Division

The Employment Services and Systems Division provides classification and organization management services, civilian and enlisted placement services, and human resource transactions and systems. Specific responsibilities include:

  • Position reviews and classification determinations/recommendations
  • Organizational reviews
  • Job (Class) specification development and revisions
  • Classification grievances
  • Temporary Assignment to Higher Rank/Classification
  • Civil Service and Non-Civil Service selection/placement services
  • Clerical pool administration
  • Cadet and Liquor Enforcement Officer placement processing
  • Probationary Trooper Review Program
  • Payroll, transactions, and human resource information systems
  • Supplementary Employment Program
  • SAP role mapping and security access

Human Resource Management Division

The Human Resource Management Division provides services that include Labor Relations support, the Health and Safety program, the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) program, the Employee Performance Review (EPR) program, the promotion examination programs for enlisted and Liquor Enforcement Officers and the Cadet and Liquor Enforcement Officer entry level examinations. Specific responsibilities include:

  • AFSCME contractual and disciplinary grievance procedures
  • Enlisted contractual and non-contractual grievance procedures
  • Reviews Bureau Specialized Position postings
  • Health and Safety issues
  • Investigates and makes recommendations on requests for ADA accommodations
  • Administration and development of enlisted and Enforcement Officer 3 promotion examinations
  • Administration and development of cadet and Liquor Enforcement Officer entry level examinations
  • Official Personnel Folders for Department personnel
  • Employee Performance Review program
  • Financial Disclosure reporting system

Human Resource Benefits Division

The Human Resource Benefits Division administers and provides services for a variety of employee benefit programs, time and attendance programs, and fitness for duty issues.  Specific program responsibilities include:

  • Workers' Compensation Administration
  • Heart and Lung Act Benefits Administration
  • Limited/Modified Duty Programs
  • Fitness for Duty Issues
  • Killed in the Line of Duty Benefits
  • Time and Attendance/Leave Administration 
  • Medical/Hospitalization/Supplemental benefits: civilian benefits administered by PEBTF and enlisted benefits administered by PA Blue Shield/Highmark 
  • Separations of employment (resignations/retirements/dismissal)
  • Death and Disability Benefits
  • Unemployment Compensation Program
  • Group Life Insurance Program
  • Commonwealth of PA/PSTA Health and Welfare Trust Fund, Death and Disability Benefits - enlisted members only

Finally, the Bureau staff also includes several licensed professionals who provide a variety of medical, psychological, and administrative duties as pertaining to Cadet wellness, determinations of fitness for duty and review of medical records. 

Bureau Contact Information

Pennsylvania State Police Bureau of Human Resources
1800 Elmerton Avenue
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania  17110
Fax:  717-772-1436