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​Explanation of Fees Charged by PSP Regarding the Pennsylvania Instant Check System (PICS)

All fees charged by the Pennsylvania State Police associated with the Pennsylvania Instant Check System (PICS) process are set by law and remain unchanged since the system's inception in 1998. They are as follows: 

License to Carry

Contact your COUNTY SHERIFF to apply for or renew a PA license to carry.

License to Sell Firearms

Contact your COUNTY SHERIFF to apply for or renew a PA License to Sell Firearms. New dealers must first obtain their Federal Firearms License (FFL) from ATF. Once PSP receives your information from the sheriff’s office, a license will be issued and an information packet will be mailed detailing next steps.

Prohibiting Offenses and Conditions

An individual is ineligible to purchase or possess a firearm in Pennsylvania if they have been convicted of certain crimes or meets one of several conditions. 

Pennsylvania Instant Check System Challenge Form

If you believe your purchase/transfer of a firearm was denied in error, download and complete the Pennsylvania Instant Check System Challenge form. Be sure to read the entire form, follow all instructions, and return it within 30 days of the denial. 

​Information for Medical Marijuana Cardholders

A holder of a valid PA Medical Marijuana Card can possess approved forms of marijuana. Possession of marijuana remains a violation of federal law.

​Gun Shows, Auctions, and Raffles

The PSP Firearms Division requests all gun shows, auctions, raffles and sales be reported to the PICS Unit at least 30 days in advance of the event. 

Firearm Disposal upon Death of a Firearm Owner

The death of a friend or loved one is a difficult time. Survivors not only have to deal with the emotional loss, but also have to deal with property that might include firearms.