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Safety Videos

Videos on various aspects of firearm handling and operation may be viewed below. If you need a cable lock to help secure your firearm, visit your local PSP station to obtain one free of charge. The electronic version of the PSP firearms safety card, as seen in the Firearm Data video below, can be used to inventory your important firearms information. This is useful if your firearm is missing or stolen.


It is important to observe firearm safety rules every time you encounter a weapon. The hosts introduce the series.

Assume it's loaded

The safest way to interact with a weapon is to assume it is loaded.

A safe direction

Always point the weapon a safe direction when not firing.

Off the trigger

Until you are ready to fire, your trigger finger should rest outside the trigger guard.

Know your target

You must know the materials of the target at which you are shooting and ensure there are no dangers to others beyond the target.

Protect yourself

​Wearing proper eye and ear protection while shooting will greatly reduce the risk of injury and hearing loss.

Secure firearms

Storing your firearms in a secure place, using cable locks, and securing ammunition will maximize safety.

Firearm data

​Recording data about your firearm is vital to law enforcement if your weapon goes missing or is stolen.

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