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Municipal Police Officers' Basic Training

As required by Act 120 and governed by the Municipal Police Officers’ Education and Training Commission (MPOETC).

Tuition and requirements

$ 2,737.00 (Subject to change)

This course is mandatory for municipal police officers hired after June 18, 1974.  The employing political subdivision must apply to MPOETC for approval of attendance for their officer.  This is accomplished on an Application for Certification under the Municipal Police Officers’ Education and Training Program or Waiver of Training, Form SP 8-300. Classes are offered in highway safety, accident investigation, public safety, crime prevention, social science, physical training, interagency relationships, and other police skills. The program consists of classroom lectures, practical applications, demonstrations, and role-playing in problem-solving techniques. A trainee must attain a passing score in all phases of the basic course, as required.

MPOETC has implemented regulations which require all students entering the program to:

  1.  Demonstrate their ability to perform at the 30th percentile of the fitness protocol (found at established by the Cooper Institute and adopted by the MPOETC as entry and exit standards for fitness in the Basic Recruit Training Program.

  2. Demonstrate their ability to read at a ninth grade level as determined by the Nelson Denny Reading Test. The fitness tests and Nelson Denny Reading Test may be administered by either the hiring municipality or the police academy.

The Pennsylvania State Police will administer these selection tests if course applicants have not met requirements prior to enrollment. 

Applicants will be advised of required equipment and clothing needed prior to or at their first class. 

Each Act 120 class will require a minimum of 10 students. The maximum number of students per class is 30. Municipal department representatives should contact the appropriate training center for meal and lodging information.