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Course Description: This course examines child physical and sexual abuse cases.  It will provide investigators with the tools to thoroughly investigate and prosecute these complex cases.  This course will cover the following topics; Indicators of Physical and Sexual Abuse, Physical Evidence and Crime Scene Investigations, Forensic Interviews, Medical Examinations, Interviewing the Suspect and Legal Procedures.  Other topics include: Shaken Baby Syndrome and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.
Day #1 consists of PowerPoint instruction combined with discussion of past child abuse cases.  Day #2 consists of instruction, scenarios and guest speakers from: Children and Youth Services, Women's Services, SANE Nurse, and the actual Child Interviewer from the Child Interview Center.  They discuss their services for victims of abuse and the manner in which they can help the investigator.  They also walk through a typical child abuse case from start to finish with the instructor's assistance.
During the scenario period, the class is broken into groups.  Each group will be presented with a child abuse case.  They will decide what steps are necessary to conduct a thorough investigation.  They will then read their scenario aloud to the class and explain the investigative steps they will take, other agencies that can assist and what charges are pertinent from the Pennsylvania Crime Code.  The class can then offer their input on what additional steps that they may take.
There will be several handouts that the students will receive to take with them to assist them with any future child abuse investigations.
Instructional Hours:  2 Days / 16 Hours
Instructional Objectives:  After completion, the student will be able to:
  •  Reference Section 509 of the Pennsylvania Crimes Code.
  •  Define child abuse.
  •  List the behaviors of children that have been abused.
  •  Interview caretakers.
  •  List injuries that may be present in abuse cases.
  •  Interview a child of abuse.
  •  Describe the forensic examination process.
  •  List themes to use during interrogations with abusers.
  •  Conduct Shaken Baby/Abusive head trauma investigations.
  •  Conduct Sudden Infant Death Investigations.
  •  Conduct childe death investigations.
  •  Reference Tender Years Statute.
  •  List other Agencies and how they can assist with an investigation.
  •  Conduct physical and sexual abuse investigations.

Audience:  PSP Enlisted; MP

MPOETC CLEE Hours: 6 - CLEE ID#:  CLE00517

Additional Information: The target audience is mainly criminal investigators; however, patrol officers with an interest in crime may benefit from this class.

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