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commissioner's Message

As the Commissioner of the Pennsylvania State Police, I am committed to ensuring our personnel are provided with the best training possible. Building a force capable of dealing with the complexity of the 21st century is critical. The Department’s Academy and Regional Training Centers offer a variety of training opportunities to include: search and seizure, defensive tactics, interviewing techniques, stress management, supervisory development for sworn law enforcement and support personnel, crime scene management, and traffic collision investigation. Tactical skills are important, but attitude, tolerance, and interpersonal skills are needed as well. To be effective in an ever-changing world, training must continue throughout your career. I encourage each of you to look through the training calendar to see what training is available to improve your skills and quality of service you provide to the citizens we serve. The courses in our annual training calendar are available for Pennsylvania State Police personnel, municipal police officers, and personnel from other criminal justice agencies. While there are some courses that have restricted enrollment and are open only to municipal police officers or Pennsylvania State Police personnel, there are many opportunities available for the entire law enforcement community. 
Colonel Tyree C. Blocker
Commissioner Pennsylvania State Police