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Strengthening Confidence and Accuracy at Tactical Shooting

Course Description:  This two-day course is designed for Law Enforcement Officers with select skills and techniques necessary to defend and overcome a subject’s assaultive behavior during a firearms encounter.  Students will participate in pistol, shotgun, and AR-15 related drills intended to replicate various components of an appropriate response associated with a critical event.  This course is designed to increase speed and accuracy; build confidence and strengthen valor in times of violent confrontations.

NOTE:  Due to the physical nature of this training, students must evaluate and consider their own fitness level prior to enrolling in this class.  Also, this class is NOT  designed for avid, advanced, or competitive shooters.  This class is focused on the fundamentals of shooting, building confidence, and strengthening accuracy in tactical situations.

The following topics/techniques will be addressed throughout the course:

  • Use of force.
  • Seven fundamentals of marksmanship.
  • Jam clearing drills.
  • Traverse drills.
  • Proper utilization of cover.
  • Off-hand operation.
  • Shooting from varied platforms.
  • Appropriate incorporation of directed fire.
Equipment Needed:
  • Body armor.
  • Department-issued handgun, shotgun, and patrol rifle.
  • 10 training (dummy) rounds for Department handgun.
  • Three pistol magazines or three speed loaders (revolver).
  • 500 rounds of handgun ammunition.*
  • 10 rounds of 12 gauge, 2 ¾” or 3” chambered rifle slug.*
  • 150 rounds of 12 gauge, 2 ¾” or 3” chambered "00" buckshot.*
  • 300 rounds of AR-15 patrol rifle rounds.*
  • Inclement weather gear.
  • Sunscreen.
  • Insect repellent.
  • Ear and eye protection.
  • Baseball style hat.
* MP Only, ammunition will be provided at the training site for PSP members.
Instructional Hours:  2 Days/16 Hours
Instructional Objective:  In general, this course is to keep Law Enforcement Officers safe while performing law enforcement operations.  This training is to advance their skills and knowledge, to give Law Enforcement Officers the confidence and skills to be safe and succeed in violent confrontations. 
Upon completion of this course, the student will:
  • Improve their firearm skills. 
  • Improve their utilization of cover. 
  • Improve their one hand and off-handed shooting skills. 
  • Observe the abilities of the ballistic vest and helmet.  I
  • Improve their overall survival skills during violent confrontations.

Course Completion Requirements:  Attendance and successfully complete a knowledge check and properly demonstrate the above techniques.

Audience:  PSP Enlisted: MP 

MPOETC CLEE Hours: 16 - CLEE ID # CLE00951

Registration: Please register for the classes below using form SP 8-130. All applications must be received 7 days prior to the course start date.

Locations: For a list of all training centers and directions, please visit the Training Center Page.


Not Offered at This TimeCpl. Charity A. Farrell, 717-533-9111, Extension 344No
 Maximum of 12 students