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Tactical carbine for responding Officers


COURSE DESCRIPTION:  This course is designed for police officers that may need the patrol carbine during an un-planned event (active shooter, domestic terrorism, domestic situations and other dynamic calls where a first responder might employ a rifle).  This course will enhance the student’s ability to deploy and “work” the patrol rifle in a variety of situations.  Skills will be enhanced in shooting and moving, deploying from the patrol vehicle, shooting at night, jam clearing and reloading and transition to other force options.  While there is no prerequisite, the student should have a solid understanding of the M16/M4 carbine platform.  This course is limited to 16 students per class.
EQUIPMENT:  A shoulder fired rifle equipped with a forward assist chambered in 5.56 NATO or .223 Remington that accepts standard US Army mil-spec magazines.  1000 rds. of ammunition, three 20 or 30 round magazines, personal ballistic vest, eye and hearing protection, ball cap and rain gear. Duty belt and 100 pistol rounds are also required for transition drills.  Hard armor and helmet are optional.  (PSP Members will be supplied with all rifle and pistol ammunition at the training venue).
INSTRUCTIONAL HOURS:  3 Days / 24 Hours (8 hours during darkness)
INSTRUCTIONAL OBJECTIVES:  Upon completion of this course, the student will be exposed to and have physically participated in the following skills, concepts and actions:
·         Nomenclature / History / terminal ballistics of the .223 & 5.56
·         Limitations of Shooter and Platform (what the gun can and cannot do)
·         Malfunctions and Jam Clearing
·         4 points of contact: while wearing HARD GEAR vs SOFT GEAR
·         Optics and Sights (understanding off-set)
·         Support hand use (near vs far vs V grip)
·         Combat Marksmanship / Moving and Close / CQB
·         Terminal Marksmanship / Static and Far / Zeroing the Rifle
·         Reloading:  tactical, emergency, pocket, pouch and bail out bag
·         Moving and shooting / moving while slung
·         Transition to Pistol
·         Transition to Less lethal
·         Transition to ground & cuffing
·         Cover: Real Cover / Psychological Cover / Concealment
·         Unnatural shooting positions: kneeling, prone, supine, fetal (urban prone)
·         Shooting from in and around fixed cover / elevated platform
·         Shooting from inside a stationary vehicle (glass and intermediate barriers)
·         Shooting from outside a stationary vehicle (over under around THRU)
·         Aggressing from the car
·         Light for navigation / Light for Shooting
This course will be delivered by members of Bureau of Training and Education.  The content was derived from PSP FI, Viking Tactical, PSP SERT and other agencies.
MPOETC CLEe Hours:  24  -  CLEE ID # CLE00713
Registration: Please register for the classes below using form SP 8-130All applications must be received 30 days prior to the course start date.
Locations: For a list of all training centers and directions, please visit the Training Center Page.
NETC8/13/2018 9:00 AM8/15/2018 3:00 PMNETC Commanding Officer, 570-288-3659Yes
NWTC8/7/2018 9:00 AM8/9/2018 3:00 PMNWTC Commanding Officer, 814-332-6888No
Other, See Notes8/20/2018 8:00 AM8/22/2018 3:00 PMSergeant Dwayne R. Rouzer, 610-584-8633, drouzer@pa.govYes
Maximum of 14 students
Class will be held at Montgomery County Fire Academy.
All Municipal Officers who attend this training will be responsible to pay a $100.00 site fee.