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Use of Force Documentation and Report Writing

Course Description:  This course is designed to enable officers and supervisors to clearly articulate and document Use of Force incidents.  A variety of topics will be covered to include an extensive review of the Pennsylvania Crimes Code, Section 508, Department Regulations, the Use of Force Array, "Totality of the Circumstances," and the U.S. Supreme Court cases Tennessee vs. Garner and Graham vs. Connor.  Tactical consideration and justifications for the deployment of less lethal weapons, such as O.C. Spray, baton, Taser, and deadly force will be discussed, with emphasis on detailed documentation.  Detailed documentation will include the nature of the initial call, prior knowledge of the suspects and locations, indicators and dialogue prior to the force options, employment of force options, and de-escalation/subject arrest.  Post incident documentation will include officer/subject injuries, transportation from the scene, and other post-arrest interactions.

Instructional Hours: 1 Day / 8 Hours

Instructional Objectives:  Upon completion of this block of instruction, the student will possess the skills and knowledge to document all aspects of a Use of Force encounter. 

After completion, the student will be able to:

  •  Cite two landmark Supreme Court cases regarding Use of Force.
  •  Cite the criteria needed to justify the use of deadly force.
  •  Document the "Totality of the Circumstances" to justify the Use of Force.
  •  Document all actions of the officer to include verbal commands, force options used, compliance/control gained, arrest techniques and aid rendered to the subject.
  •  Document all actions of the subject to include body language and non-verbal cues, language used, aggressive actions, compliance actions, post incident actions/statements.
  •  Write a detailed report covering all aspects of a force incident in a chronological manner.

Audience:  PSP Enlisted; LEO; MP

Additional Information: Students should bring a blank copy of their department’s Use of Force Report and/or a criminal incident report.

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