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Vehicle Equipment - Applied

Course Description: This course prepares or reinforces the patrol officer‘s ability to identify and successfully prosecute vehicle equipment violations. Case law, federal guidelines, and prosecution tactics are stressed. The focus of this course is passenger cars, minivans, and light trucks. This course includes a practical training exercise on day two, in which students will apply the previous days training. Violations observed during this exercise, in a controlled environment, will be discussed in greater detail upon return to the classroom. Mock traffic citations will then be prepared for the violations observed during the exercise.
Each course is limited to 25 students.
This course is presented by the Pennsylvania State Police, in partnership with the Traffic Safety Research Prosecutors of Pennsylvania.  Instructors are members of the Pennsylvania State Police.
Instructional Hours: 2 Days/16 Hours
Instructional Objectives: After completion, the student will be able to:
  •  Explain the recent case law decisions regarding equipment violations.
  •  Explain commonly observed equipment violations encountered.
  •  Explain the proper procedure to initiate a traffic citation through the Pennsylvania Inspections Regulations.

Course Completion Requirements:  Attendance and successfully pass (70% or above) a 10-question written test.  

Audience: PSP Enlisted: MP

MPOETC CLEE Hours: 6 - CLEE ID#: CLE00551

Registration: Please register for the classes below using form SP 8-130. All applications must be received 7 days prior to the course start date.

Locations: For a list of all training centers and directions, please visit the Training Center Page.

Academy4/21/2020 9:00 AM4/22/2020 1:00 PMSgt. William J. Langman, 717-533-9111, Ext. 329, email wlangman@pa.govNo
Maximum of 20 students