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Individuals who are currently certified in Pennsylvania or who retired with a certification listed below may be waived of certain requirements for certification under Act 235. Eligible officers must provide required documentation to be considered for waivers (see steps below).

  • Police Officer
  • Sheriff/Deputy Sheriff
  • Attorney General Criminal Law Agent
  • Other Pennsylvania law enforcement officer (excludes Corrections Officers)
Step 1: Complete an online (Basic Applicant) application using the TACS System. Log in as a First Time User on the left side of the screen. If the system recognizes your information, you may be instructed to select the other option to log in with your existing profile, also on the left side of the screen. Once you are in the system select the Home Act 235 button and select the Basic Training Application. Scroll down to select “Start Application”.

Please review the application carefully and select the appropriate waiver option before submitting your application. 

Step 2:  When you submit your application you will receive an automated email from automated email from Identigo/Morphotrust with instructions for scheduling your fingerprint session.  You must be fingerprinted at one of the approved Identigo/Morphotrust locations.  You will not receive the results of your fingerprints, these will be forwarded directly to the Lethal Weapons Certification Unit for review.
Step 3: Once you have been fingerprinted, please complete and submit a Police Officer Exemption to Lethal Weapons Certification Unit in addition to completing the online application in step 1. Please complete and email the exemption form to along with any supporting documentation.
NOTIFICATION: Upon review of your application, correspondence will be sent to the address you provided notifying you of the status of your application and providing instructions for further action. 
Step 4:  If directed in the notification, download and print the physical examination and psychological examination forms. You are responsible for the cost of the physical and psychological examination. The physicians must be PA licensed and must submit the completed and signed forms to the Lethal Weapons Certification Unit at the address below.
Step 5: Pay your $30 certification fee via the TACS website:


Fee Breakdown:
Fingerprint Fee  
Certification Fee
Total Fees