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The Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) Chaplaincy Program offers spiritual support and assistance to all Department personnel and their families. The chaplains’ support includes encouraging, listening and comforting anyone needing assistance with spiritual issues.  Chaplains, if requested, can visit sick or injured Department personnel or family members at medical facilities or their residences.
Chaplains, like Peer Contacts, are bound by Confidentiality.  The Confidentiality privilege must be motivated by a spiritual or penitential nature (Chaplains, in the course of their duty, cannot divulge information that they have acquired from any person, or be compelled to, without consent of such person(s), disclose information told in confidence).  Also, like Peer Contacts, you may talk to the Chaplain of your choice anywhere in the Commonwealth.
Chaplains are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week when assistance is needed. Their names, locations, and telephone numbers can be found on the I-net homepage.  You may also contact the MAP main office or your nearest Regional Peer Coordinator to find a Chaplain in your area.
As a spiritual resource, the Chaplain Program has enhanced MAP’s advocacy of caring for the mental and emotional well being of all PSP personnel and their families.
A chaplain must go through an intense interview and training process before becoming a PSP Chaplain to ensure we have qualified clergy to assist our personnel.
Clergy wishing to become PSP Chaplains should contact the MAP Main Office at our toll-free number, 1-877-709-7674.