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The Pennsylvania State Police 

Member Assistance Program

Need someone to talk to? 
Call a peer contact in your area, anytime, day or night toll free: 1-877-709-7674. You may also view our Regional Map to locate a Peer Contact near you.

MAP offers PA State Police (PSP) personnel and their families Peer Contacts to help through a wide range of personal and work-related issues. Peer Contacts are not professional counselors, but rather everyday PSP personnel who have received specialized training to help you manage and maintain good mental and emotional health. 

What is a Peer Contact?
"Listen and Refer."  A Peer Contact's main duty is to “Listen and Refer.” Peer Contacts understand “most people don’t want their way, they just want their say.” We have found that most people can resolve their own issues if they can use the below process of stress reduction:
  1. Blow off steam (Just talking about it helps to clear the air).
  2. Focus clearly on the problem at hand.
  3. Discuss and consider alternatives and consequences.

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