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Substance abuse continues to be a major concern among Law Enforcement personnel. This issue presents challenges in ones personal and professional life.  Substance abuse can occur in a variety of ways, but mainly through excessive use of alcohol, illegal drugs, prescription and non-prescription medication. Continued use of any of the above will have a significant adverse impact on an individual’s health, career, and personal life.
The Department encourages all personnel, as well as their family members, to utilize MAP to obtain information/resources, referrals, and peer support regarding substance abuse. All Department personnel and their families are ensured CONFIDENTIALITY concerning any substance abuse problem, in accordance with Federal Regulations.
Certain provisions that protect job security and promotional opportunities require that enlisted personnel seeking assistance for their addiction must reach out to MAP prior to any Random Drug Testing screening or becoming the subject of any disciplinary action taken by the Department for substance abuse. Federal law, however, does protect all communication to Employee Assistance Programs (which includes MAP) concerning substance abuse and treatment. This communication is considered part of the treatment record history, which is protected by Federal Confidentiality laws.
MAP will offer Peer support for individuals with substance abuse issues regardless of duty status. However, MAP will not interfere with any discipline or administrative action taken by the Department as a result of misconduct by Department personnel.
Reaching out for assistance is the first step in getting help for any problem. Let MAP help you and your family get started on the road to recovery.
If you have any questions or need for clarification regarding substance abuse and PSP policy, please contact the MAP main office or your regional coodinator.