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Private Thomas Edward Lipka

December 29, 1901 - April 3, 1927

Private Thomas Edward LipkaThomas Edward Lipka was born December 29, 1901, at Exeter, Pennsylvania.

Prior to his enlistment with the Constabulary, he served in the US Marine Corps from February 24, 1920, to February 15, 1922. At 12:50 a.m. on April 3, 1927, while patrolling Route 33 near Lykens, Lipka's vehicle skid on wet trolley tracks, spun out of control, rolled over an embankment, and struck a telephone pole. He died at the scene.

Lipka was buried in St. John's Cemetery in Exeter. He was survived by his father, Mr. John Lipka, of Exeter. Lipka, 25, completed one year and eight months of Constabulary service.