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Get a Copy of a Crash Report

Who Can Obtain a Crash Report? 

Persons authorized by Section 3751(b) of the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code include any person involved in the crash, their attorney, insurer, the Federal Government, Branches of the Military Service, Commonwealth Agencies, Officials of Political Subdivisions, or Agencies or other States and Nations and their political subdivisions.

Please do not submit this application until 15 days have elapsed since the date of the crash.


The fee for a copy of a crash report is $22.00.

Request a Crash Report

Crash reports are available for purchase online at the Crash Report Request site. If you prefer to mail your request, the form below is single-sided and allows for the requested information to be entered prior to printing. The request form is to be submitted and signed with a money order or certified check for the amount of $22.00 payable to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Download/View form: SP 7-0015 - Application to Obtain Copy of Police Crash Report

Mail to:
Attention: Crash Reports Unit
1800 Elmerton Avenue
Harrisburg, PA 17110