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AMBER Alerts

Pennsylvania AMBER Alerts and MEPAs are now on PSP X (Twitter).


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​Did you receive an AMBER Alert on your phone? 

As of January 1, 2013, AMBER Alerts are automatically sent through the Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) program to millions of cell phone users.

AMBER Alert Overview

The AMBER Alert Plan is a method of alerting citizens of Pennsylvania when a child has been abducted. The program was developed for Pennsylvania by the Pennsylvania State Police and named after 9 year old Amber Hagerman who was abducted while playing near her home in Texas and subsequently murdered in 1996.

Missing Endangered Person Advisory (MEPA)

PA’s MEPA system is a method of alerting citizens that a person is missing who is at special risk of harm or injury. An alert is sent to local media for distribution to the public, and also to local law enforcement, to assist in the recovery of the missing person.