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Forensic Laboratory Career Opportunities

Civilian Forensic Scientist:
Employees participate in a formalized training program designed to develop competency in the analysis of chemical, biological, and physical criminal evidence. Scientists are trained to specialize in one of the following disciplines:
  • Drug Analysis
  • Trace Analysis
  • Serology
  • DNA Analysis
Work Details:
Work involves using a variety of techniques and instruments to analyze blood and other body fluids, hair, fibers, controlled substances, explosives, accelerants, and other materials such as paint and glass fragments.
Minimum Requirements:
Bachelor's Degree in chemistry, biology, forensic science or a bachelor's degree in a closely related field with a minimum of 16 credit hours in chemistry.
Forensic Scientists are Civil Service positions. Individuals who meet the minimum requirements may visit the State Civil Service Commission's web site for information regarding the application and testing process.
Enlisted Forensic Examiners:
Members must first graduate from the Pennsylvania State Police Academy as a Trooper prior to being assigned to the laboratory, serve their probation period, and complete three years of their first assignment. Troopers must follow the Specialized Postion Vacancy Procedures to apply. The enlisted members participate in a formalized training program designed to develop expertise in one of the following disciplines:
  • AFIS and Latent Prints
  • Ballistics Examination
  • Document Examination

Work Details:

Work involves using a variety of methods to examine latent prints, shoe and tire impressions, firearms, tool marks, and questioned document evidence.
Mimimum Requirements:
Bachelor's Degree in any field with a minimum of two science courses. Forensic Examiners are enlisted positions and must first meet all requirements and complete the training as a Pennsylvania State Police Trooper.
All forensic scientists and examiners receive training in the proper techniques of presenting expert witness testimony in a court of law. Analysts and examiners are, at times, called to present their findings, documented in official reports, to juries and judges in criminal proceedings.

The Pennsylvania State Police is an Equal Opportunity Employer