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Aviation Patrol Unit Hangar Locations

There are seven Aviation Patrol Units across the Commonwealth.  Though helicopters and airplanes fly routine patrol in the entire coverage area, the hangars are situated such that should an aircraft be at the assigned airport location, response time anywhere within the patrol zones is approximately thirty minutes.  Below find the locations of the Aviation Patrol Units (APU) and the particular patrol zone areas.  No unit aircraft is restricted to a particular area, with aircraft and crew ready to assist anywhere in the Commonwealth, should the need arise.  Any municipal, state or federal law enforcement agency can contact the units directly for assistance, or the Bureau of Emergency and Special Operations Headquarters at (717) 508-0033.

History and General Information

The Pennsylvania State Police entered the law enforcement aviation community by legislative decree in the fall of 1968.  In 1969, two Bell Model 47 Helicopters were purchased and six pilots were assigned to the Section.  Since then, the Section has grown to over thirty-five trooper pilots and three full-time mechanics, using eight helicopters and six airplanes state-wide.  The Aviation Section of the Pennsylvania State Police provides aerial support to all federal, state and local law enforcement agencies within the Commonwealth, as well as assisting in other non-emergency situations, including major civic and sporting events.  In addition to general air patrol work, the Department receives hundreds of requests for assistance annually from the 1,200 sworn law enforcement agencies in the Commonwealth’s sixty-seven counties. 

Helicopter and airplane pilots, stationed out of seven Aviation Patrol Units across the state, log thousands of hours of flight time a year on missions including, but not limited to: conducting searches and rescues; assisting in vehicle pursuits; conducting criminal surveillances; participating in marijuana eradication efforts; crime and traffic incident scene photography; transports; conducting Emergency Management and Homeland Security missions providing an aerial platform for incident command and control; and attending events promoting law enforcement efforts.