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Pennsylvania STATE POLICE

Our Department’s enlisted and civilian personnel are committed to providing world class service to our police partners and the citizens of the Commonwealth. We will accomplish this while remaining focused on our Core Purpose: To seek justice, preserve peace, and improve the quality of life for all.

Since our inception in 1905, the Pennsylvania State Police has been dedicated to serving the public. It is our desire to improve our ability to reach citizens by using technology to increase the speed, accuracy and availability of police and safety related information. 

7/16/2015: Changes to Criminal Record Check Process

HB 1276 (Act 15) was signed by the Governor on July 1, 2015. The Act (effective July 1, 2015) provides for a waiver of fees for criminal record checks conducted for volunteers who are required by the Act to obtain them. None of these background checks outlined in the act are required prior to August 25, 2015 and many are not required until July 1, 2016 or later. However, there may be instances where an individual desires to submit a criminal background check early to be in compliance with the Act. The current criminal record check request form (SP4-164) does not provide a mechanism to differentiate a simple volunteer from a volunteer submitting the request to comply with Act 15; and the PATCH website has not yet been updated to accommodate no-charge criminal record checks due to the expansive changes to the system that were required. Therefore, effective immediately, volunteers wishing to obtain a no-charge criminal record check will need to submit a hard copy of the current SP4-164 form. PSP will process these requests free of charge as they are received. As soon as the updated forms are available, subsequent requests for no-charge volunteer background checks should utilize the new form. Additionally, the changes to the PATCH website are scheduled to be complete by July 25, 2015. At that time, the system will be able to accommodate online submission of no-charge volunteer background checks. The waiver of fees for ALL volunteer background checks (not just those required by Act 15) remains effective July 25, 2015; as does the reduction in the cost of employment related background checks from $10 to $8, both of which were announced by Governor Wolf.


12/2014: The 2013 Annual Uniform Crime Report and the 2013 Pennsylvania Police Pursuit Report are now available online.

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